Exploring the Batmobile Limousine: Unraveling Secrets

Batmobile Limousine

Have you ever dreamed of riding in the Batmobile, the iconic car of the superhero Batman? Well, you might not be able to drive the original one, but you can still experience the thrill of being in a Batmobile limousine, a recreation of one of the most recognized cars in the world. In this article, we will explore the Batmobile limousine, its features, its history, and its secrets. Let’s get started!

What is the Batmobile limousine?

The Batmobile limousine is a custom-built vehicle that resembles the Batmobile from the Tim Burton Batman movies released in 1989 and 1992. It is a sleek, black, and powerful car that can seat up to 12 people. It has a V8 Corvette jet engine that can go from 0 to 60 in just 3.7 seconds.

It also has a bat hood ornament, a tall scalloped fin, and an intimidating bat head on the front. The Batmobile limousine is not just a pretty face, though. It also has modern amenities like air conditioning, a sound system, and a TV monitor. The Batmobile limousine is a unique and impressive vehicle that will turn heads wherever it goes.

How was the Batmobile limousine created?

The Batmobile limousine was created by a team of engineers and car enthusiasts who wanted to build the ultimate recreation of the famous car. The project took over two years to complete, and the result was an amazing piece of machinery that cost over $4 million.

The team used various parts and materials, such as a Corvette chassis, a Boeing jet engine, and fiberglass body panels. They also used some original parts from the movie Batmobiles, such as the wheels and tires. The team paid attention to every detail and tried to make the Batmobile limousine as accurate and authentic as possible.

What are some secrets of the Batmobile limousine?

The Batmobile limousine is not just a replica of the movie car. It also has some hidden features and secrets that make it even more special. Here are some of them:

  • The Batmobile limousine has a flamethrower at the back that can shoot fire up to 15 feet.
  • The Batmobile limousine has a hydraulic system that can lift the car’s front end up to 40 inches.
  • The Batmobile limousine has a smoke screen device that can release smoke from the rear exhaust pipes.
  • The Batmobile limousine has a voice-activated security system that can lock and unlock the doors with a password.
  • The Batmobile limousine has a bat signal projector to project the bat logo on any surface.


The Batmobile limousine is a remarkable vehicle that combines style, performance, and innovation. It is a tribute to one of the most iconic cars in pop culture history, and it is also a fun and exciting ride for anyone who loves Batman. If you ever get to see or ride in the Batmobile limousine, don’t miss it. It is an experience you will never forget.


The Batmobile limousine is owned by Gotham Dream Cars, a luxury car rental company based in New York City. You can book a ride in the Batmobile limousine through their website or by calling them at (212) 957-4400.

The price for renting the Batmobile limousine varies depending on the duration, location, and availability. According to Gotham Dream Cars’ website, the minimum rental period is four hours, starting from $1,500 per hour.

Yes, the Batmobile limousine is street-legal in most states in the US. However, some of its features, such as the flame thrower and smoke screen device, cannot be used on public roads.

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